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Our Chicken Breeds

Here, at Syman Says Farms, we focus on a select number of chicken breeds to ensure quality of the SOP (Standard of Perfection) for each breed. We breed for egg color, temperament, and overall appearance. We have been working with these specific breeds of chickens for 4 years now and truly love how far they've come. Please read below for pictures of egg color, breeding stock and history of bloodline

Lavender Ameraucana

Do not confuse this breed with the commonly advertised, Amer"i"cana. Our true Ameraucanas are an all-around beautiful breed. With light grey, known as lavender, plumage and gorgeous blue eggs, this bird is going to add color to both your flock as well as your egg basket! This breed is medium in size and lays a medium sized  blue egg.  This breed can be a little flighty if not properly socialized. Our original breeding flock came from  Pips and Peeps lines.

Blue, Black,Splash

CoppeR Marans

Our Marans are big bodied, duel purpose birds with beautiful blue, black or splash plumage and feathered legs. When they aren't adding a ton of eye candy to your flock, they are laying the most delicious, large, dark brown eggs you've ever seen. Our original Marans breeders come from Bev Davis and Wade Jean bloodlines. Just look at these eggs!

Lavender Orpington

The Orpington is amoung the sweetest birds we have. They all love to be snuggled and told how beautiful they are. They are also the largest birds we breed with roosters topping out at 10 pounds! Our Orpingtons are rare for their hard-to-find, beautiful lavender plumage. They lay large cream colored eggs every day during the Spring, Summer and half of Fall but they prefer to take the winters off. Our Orpingtons come from Hinkjc Poultry Lineage. The Orpington is a wonderful addition to any backyard flock and one of my personal favs! 

Olive Egger

We've been working with Olive Eggers for 3 years now. An Olive Egger is made by breeding a Chocolate Layer with a Blue Layer. The First time this is done is called an F1 (First Generation). Each time you breed an Olive Egger back to a Chocolate layer, the Olive color will deepen. We now have 4 generations of Olive Eggers who are producing a nice rich, olive colored egg. Genetically though, not all olive eggers will lay an olive colored egg. So when shopping for your olive eggers, be aware that you may get a bird that lays brown colored eggs. To avoid this, look for chicks who have a pea comb instead of a straight comb. It is said that the pea comb is linked to the blue colored egg gene which is needed to produce an Olive Egger. 


The Silkie is a bantam sized bird that lay small, cream-sized eggs. They are incredibly great mothers and go broody often. When you have silkies, be prepared for them to spend most of their time broody. They tend to be very stubborn about their broodiness and are hard to break. But they make up for their stubborn-ness in cuteness, personality and their exotic look. We are most proud of our Silkies for their full crests and mothering abilities but they are also beautifully bearded with the typical blue ear lobes and 5 toes Silkies are supposed to have. Silkies are wonderful additions to families with young children. We love hearing from our customers when they tell us how sweet even the Roosters are. Our Silkies come from The Garry Farm who have several award-winning lines of Silkies.