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Helping Keep the Farm Safe & YOU Connected!

Who Are We...

For 6 years, Liz & Aaron have been sharing their lives and wealth of knowledge gathered along the way. Through the local Children's Museum, many 4H Groups, Preschool classes, Inner City Schools, Girl Scout Troops, Open Barn Events and most recently, the world of YouTube; Liz and Aaron have opened up their home and farm to help teach and inspire the next generation of farmers. They feel a strong sense of purpose to give back and share their love animals and knowledge of husbandry with those who may never otherwise step foot on a farm. 

In 2017, Liz & Aaron saw the potential of reaching more people by starting a "How WE Do" YouTube channel. Together, they shared their tips and tricks of how they manage and keep their goats, chickens and rabbits healthy. During those first 2 years, Liz & Aaron shared 100's of educational videos, including instructional videos on how to breed and birth their animals. 

By early 2019, Aaron suggested setting up a live stream in the goat barn during kidding season. What better way to educate than to share the birthing process Live?!? A few weeks before the first doe was due to kid, Aaron hit the button that would forever change everything!

The Live Cam quickly became a place of refuge, peace, solitude and community to a great deal of people. Affectionately called Goat Aunties and Uncles, the "Village" supports, uplifts, celebrates, cries and laughs together daily. It's become a place of acceptance and healing. In many ways, we've all become family.  Liz & Aaron continue to be amazed at all the different ways the Live Camera has helped so many. It has opened up a safe place to acknowledge, accept and talk about the struggles of mental health as the family fought their own battle. Aaron & Liz have received countless emails and messages of thanks and gratitude from people all over the world who have said the Live Cam and the goats literally saved their lives or allowed them to be strong enough to seek help for their own struggles. 


Liz & Aaron's passion for sharing their knowledge and animals with the community, quickly became about sharing the power of animal therapy AND husbandry with the world! 

The Problem

For a while now, strangers have been driving down the Syman's driveway to check out the farm, the animals and the goings-on... all hours of the day, all days of the week! As you can imagine, this is unnerving. Not just as parents of young children who play outside around the farm, but also for the safety and well-being of the animals on the property.

With the fast rate in which the YouTube Channel has exposed the farm to the world, the time has come to put all efforts into protecting everyone's safety and security on the property as the issue with uninvited driveway guests has only gotten worse over the past year. 

The Solution!

The Solution is twofold and while Liz & Aaron believe this will help the family they believe it will also benefit the YouTube Villagers! Because, first and foremost, they don't believe in receiving without giving. But this solution involves raising some money.

1. Build and install an electric driveway gate that only opens for guests with an approved pin number

- estimated cost of gate$6K-$7K

- estimated cost of stone pillars $6K-$8K

2. Run Electric from the house to House of Pi (newest goat barn) and install another Live Cam to provide 24/7 streaming to YouTube.

 - estimated cost $2K-$3K


Total Project cost


How You Can Help!

Aaron & Liz realize this is a big number to raise! And they don't expect Villagers to just GIVE them money. They are willing to work their butts off as they do with each project they've accomplished around the farm. With that said, they want to make this a fun and interactive experience for the whole community. Below are some ways they are fundraising for this project. Each and every dollar will count and go directly towards a driveway gate and the electrical/internet equipment for House of Pi!

SSF Auctions

We will be auctioning off exclusive, one-of-a-kind SSF items. Items include but aren't limited to:

- Goat Hoof Painting(s)

- SSF Gear worn/used by - Liz and/or Aaron

- Signed Merch

- Exclusive Farm Event


Website Items

Visit our website's "Fun"raiser Collection" to donate while also receiving a cool new swag item specifically designed for SSF Sponsors!


Some Villagers have stated they just want to make a donation and want nothing in return. You may do so by visiting PayPal. 

In order for SSF to receive 100% of your donation and no fees are taken out, please use the option "Friends and Family" 

Free Options!

While Aaron & Liz realize everyone wants to help, they don't want anyone to feel obligated or bad if they can't. There are many FREE ways to help The Symans

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